How to Choose Your French Curriculum

When choosing your French curriculum, the first things to consider are the age and abilities of your child. Follow these guidelines and read my FAQ pages to find the level that is right for you.

L’Art de DIRE
Perfect for pre-readers in grades Kindergarten-3, L’Art de DIRE is a great introduction to learning French. A totally oral approach with detailed lesson plans, reproducible teaching aids and fun activities make this program ideal for teaching French to children who are not ready yet to learn to read in French. More Information

L’Art de LIRE
Designed for beginners in grades 3-8, L’Art de LIRE combines conversational French with French phonics, enabling children to read in French from the first lesson. Simple stories get children accustomed to the structure and flow of the language. Lessons introduce French grammar and verb conjugations. More Information

French for high school

Students who have completed L’Art de LIRE Level 6 or Grade 8 (Ontario) Core French or equivalent are ready for L’Art d’ÉCRIRE. In addition to working on grammar lessons, vocabulary and exercises, students examine their likes and dislikes, the uniqueness of their personalities, and their hopes and dreams for the future. They are also introduced to French literature through the novels of Jules Verne and the play Cyrano de Bergerac. More Information